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A special homecoming

Every NICU family’s story is different but so much of it remains the same. The ups and downs that is the NICU rollercoaster takes its toll on parents: sleepless nights, endless pumping sessions, driving back and forth multiple times a day, and of course the constant worry about the mile long list of various medical conditions, tube feedings, and surgeries that their tiny babies endure during their stay. Two steps forward, one step back. It sometimes stretches you to your limit. Preemies are tiny miracles, and their parents are put through the wringer with a true test of strength and faith before they even bring their baby home.

Micah was born 9 weeks early and came home after 39 days in NICU. Mom and dad uprooted their life and moved into an extended stay suite near the hospital to stay close. They were nearly 80 miles from their home and from anyone and anything that was comforting and familiar. My heart was breaking for them and when the opportunity came to document them finally bringing their baby home, I jumped on it.

I’m so excited that they have baby Micah home and get to experience all of the normal baby stuff. A different kind of sleepless night. A welcomed kind of sleeplessness and excitement that comes with knowing that in the morning, your baby will be by your side for the first time.

Watch the full slideshow here.

I can definitely say that experiencing this all too familiar day over with a new family, helps me cope with my own traumatic birth experience. If you or anyone you know seeks NICU support, please contact me or go to for more information on peer-to-peer support communities, PTSD support, or to volunteer.

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