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Katie: Bridal

I met Katie through another photographer friend of mine. She suggested a place called Dunvegan Keep, a little treasure in south Austin, to take her bridal portraits. I couldn’t believe this place! You walk in through a set of small gates and are completely transported into this other world, fantastical in every way and oh so picturesque. Statues, fountains, gardens, stone arches, antique iron gates from around the world, you name it. wow. I thought keeping it simple would be pretty and timeless, so we forgoed the greek-like pool with columns and stuck with simple backdrops. Here are a few from our session:


Beverly - LOL! Awesome. Thanks! Yeah. wow…the chair. It didn’t look that heavy at first, but I already dragged it halfway out the door before I realized that it weighed more than me. I think all that rock climbing finally paid off! Will bring a burly assistant next time for sure…

Cannonball. Now that’s a grand idea!

Anonymous - Love them, love them. i bet she does too. great depth of field and color. A good mix of color and black and white.

#3 and #4 are may favorites. How did you carry that bench out side? Must have had some help.

Anyway they look great, Dunvegan is such a great place, you can shoot there for a while and still not use it all! Cannonball in the pool for the last shot.