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New Toy!

My recent thing-a-ma-bob purchase! Rest assured, I don’t usually buy thing-a-ma-bobs, but this particular one I could not resist, especially when it promises to do so much. Oh my oh my what could it be? A cereal bowl? A flyswatter? A portable potty contraption? Guess what it is and I will give you a dollar.


Anonymous - looks like a bowl to me.

Courtney King - Is it some sort of light diffuser, camera/flash equipment thingy? Is that too vague of a guess to win? No idea of the serial number or brand name…

Beverly - Actually, it is a portable potty contraption, but I do intend to use it on my flash every now and then. ;)

Tyler Schmitt - Lightsphere Internal Dome Flash System Diffiuser By Gary Fong? Just a guess…

Erwin C. - 1 dollar says it has somthing to do with photography…