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Circus Time!

We celebrated Miles’s upcoming first birthday with a vintage circus party. I went overboard. And I am so happy I did. Everyone said, “Don’t go crazy – he won’t even remember it.” Well, I can tell you there was more reason for me to celebrate this year than any other, and it was beyond special for me and my family. So, yeah, Miles probably won’t remember this day if it weren’t for the photos, but it will be a constant reminder to me of how far he’s come. (See his birth day here and here.)I really just wanted to celebrate how much joy he has brought into my life. I should have a party like this every day.

I am so so happy that my brother and his family came (yay, Fleezies!) and so thankful for our group of friends who helped (esp. M+C and J+J) and who celebrated with us. Thank you for the gifts and for the donations to Ronald McDonald House!

Big thanks to Merrick Ales for some of the shots below.


admin - Hi Ashely I used 100ft long plastic tablecloth (one for each color) and attached with staples. The good thing is you can upcylce the material for future decorations (like this: and recycle them along with your other plastic shopping bags.

Ashley - What did you use for the tent?

Bec - Hi there. I am planning a carnival theme party and I really feel in love with the tent style decorations .. May I please did you keep it attached to the wall?

admin - I designed and made them all myself. I found a bunch on Etsy, but not the “perfect” one. Sorry I know that’s not much help!

admin - LOTS of staples :)

Zerita Brockman - The birthday party was beautiful and looked like tons of fun! Did you order your birthday banner, food tags and cupcake toppers, and if so where? They’re adorable! I am planning my son’s first!

Andrea Crump - I found your blog via pinterest. I love your circus tent in the living room! How did you attach it to the ceiling?

Christina Cortez - Bev,

I love your pics, you are so awesome and all your pics are RAD!

Love you,

Jenny - It was a great party celebrating one special little dude. Our love to you, BIG BOY MILES!!

Courtney King - I love that pic with Miles on the blanket and you behind him, his hand all covered in frosting, his lips too, and that awesome look on his face, like Yowzah! This cake is DELISH! All the pics are good. You outdid yourself, Bev! Sooo so cool!

Christen - I love all the pictures! Such a great theme and a fun time! Happy bday Miles!!!