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Big Island, Big Firsts

Wow. As I was packing for this Hawaii trip, I realized that traveling with an infant is pretty tricky. We somehow managed to just bring one carry-on suitcase, a backpack, and a diaper bag for a week. No checked bags. All this while still being able to cloth diaper the whole time. Amazing. And for those of you wondering if a giant BOB Revolution jogging stroller fits in the airport security x-ray, it does!

Aside from being miserable and spitting up in the car, and cutting teeth on the night flight to Kona, waking up every couple hours at night (combination of jet lag and teething), and Grandpa having a chest pain scare (He is ok), I’d say it went pretty well. What can I say? It’s definitely not the vacation I was used to. But as every parent knows, the game changes when you bring a little one into the world. Overall, Miles did so so well and I am so proud of him for putting up with all of us adults 😉

This trip was full of firsts for Miles. First plane ride, two brand new front teeth, first swim, First taste of banana and papaya, first time to stick his tiny toes in the sand. So much fun and totally worth it.

Thanks to grammy and grandpa for spending time with us. There’s nothing like spending time with family in paradise.