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When in the Hill Country…

Wow. I just skimmed through last years personal photos trying to find some bluebonnet photos, and unlike my clients’ folders, my personal photo folders are all whack and unorganized. I’ve saved just about every frame I captured last year, and they are all dumped in a folder called Miles. All raw, unedited photos. Waiting to be loved. ??? I hope to take better care of my personal photos and maybe tackle them as I shoot instead of waiting for “free time”. Ha!

Anyhow, I promise myself to post more photos of my sweet sweet boy. He will be turning TWO in just a few short months and I want to look back on the last year and remind myself of how much we’ve all grown.

On to the requisite bluebonnet photos. We are so fortunate to have a small patch of wildflowers a five minute walk from our house. We ran over and squeaked out a few shots before the sun went down. Miles had a kick watching Mama dash back and forth in a sweaty frenzy trying to set the timer on the camera. (You should have seen the outtakes…ha!)

He kept going over to the tripod to “compose” his shot, then said “Cheese! Cheese!” It was the cutest thing ever.