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Breanna+Jon: Deuxième Partie

The Long Center has some pretty amazing architecture, and we decided on the location for it’s clean lines and neutral tones. Pretty standard stuff really. I wanted to avoid any events and crowds happening that weekend so I double checked the Long Center’s online calendar to make sure we weren’t going to be kicked out because of some private event or something. We walked out of the parking garage and noticed a handful of people dressed up as zombies walking towards the City Terrace. Ooooookay. Pre-Halloween thing? Or maybe some kind of Thriller reenactment? Who knows. This is Austin, and this city has wiener dog races and (used to have) festivals celebrating Spam. Anything was plausible.

What we DIDN’T know, is that once we got to the top of the steps, there were about a hundred other zombies congregating in front of this huge outdoor movie screen. Turns out it was the Austin Zombie Watch premiering season 2 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. We didn’t stay long, but we kindly asked a few of the undead to attack us. And we survived, brains intact. So there you go.

I love her slightly unsure expression…Anyway, the whole thing kind of reminded me of this. I saw it awhile back and it is still the most brilliant thing I’ve seen in a long time!)

kristi wright - This session is amazing! And she is so stunning. You actually ran into her yesterday during my bride’s bridesmaids’ pics at the SFA. Sorry we didn’t have time to be introduced!

Courtney King - Beautiful Breanna! Pics with your true love surrounded by zombies…doesn’t get any better than that!!

The colors, the lines and the zombies all work so well together.