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Breanna+Jon: Première Partie

I just love love love the fact that no matter how fancy or sophisticated they dress, Breanna and Jon are true to themselves 100% of the time – just downright goofy. I would have to say this session was quite fun. We had some music to get them in the mood and they just did their thing. There were some truly genuine moments captured that I couldn’t choreograph on my best day. There is a second half to this session which involves some unlikely characters (to come), but I loved the black-and-white portraits so much I thought they deserved their own post. Btw, isn’t Breanna drop dead gorgeous? She’s trying to convince me to start watching How I Met Your Mother so I can witness Jon’s resemblance to Neil Patrick Harris (perma-suit and all.) I promise to do so once I get caught up with Parks and Recreation. I can only handle so much funny at one time.

DY - Her dress is beautiful, his suit is top notch, How I Met Your Mother is… Legen-wait fot it-dary! Legendary. (You have watch the show). Great set, it looks like you all had a lot of fun.